Iraqi Marketplace (video clip)


This scenario is based in an Iraqi marketplace with civilian shoppers (CoJACK agents), a suicide bomber (CoJACK agent) on the prowl and a Marine on patrol (the human player). The other marine (to right of screen) could also be a human player but is stationary during this event. At the bottom of the screen there is a graph showing the fear level of the suicide bomber.  When the action starts, the bomber's fear level is zero but it quickly goes up when he spots the Marine. It then declines slowly as he realizes the Marine hasn't seen him. At about 00:26, the crowd begins to disperse as they recognize the bomber and move away from him. At 00:48 the Marine starts to move in the bomber's direction having tentatively identified the bomber by observing the crowd’s movements and the fact that people are avoiding the bomber. By about 00:58 he positively IDs the bomber and the bomber's fear level spikes. The Marine fires his weapon but the bomber isn't killed immediately and detonates his explosive. Note the actions of the escaping civilian in the left foreground when the Marine fires. Having heard the shots, he immediately stops and raises his hands in surrender but is killed in the subsequent explosion.

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