IJCAI'99 Workshop on Teams

The papers listed below were presented at the IJCAI'99 Workshop on Team Modeling and Plan Recognition.

Individual Papers

  • Specification of Coordinated Agent Behavior (The SimpleTeam Approach) by Andrew Hodgson, Ralph Rönnquist and Paolo Busetta [PS version]
  • Improving the Co-ordination and Control of Battlefield Simulation Agents by Jeremy Baxter and Graham Horn [PS version]
  • Plan Recognition in Military Simulation: Incorporating Machine Learning with Intelligent Agents by Clinton Heinze, Simon Goss and Adrian Pearce [PS version]
  • Flexible Communication within Agents Teams by Tony Hirst and Tony Kalus [PS version]
  • Recognizing team plans from visual primitives by Stephen S. Intille and Aaron F. Bobick [PS version]
  • I'm OK, You're OK, We're OK: Experiments in Distributed and Centralized Socially Attentive Monitoring by Gal Kaminka and Milind Tambe [PS version]
  • Decision-making using temporal reasoning by Dan Strömberg [PS version]
  • Intention Reconciliation in the Context of Teamwork: An Initial Empirical Investigation by David G. Sullivan, Alyssa Glass, Barbara J. Grosz and Sarit Kraus [PS version]
  • Observations on Team-Oriented Mental State Recognition by Liz Sonenberg and Gil Tidhar [PS version]
  • Automated Robot Behavior Recognition Applied to Robotic Soccer by Kwun Han and Manuela Veloso [PS version]

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