Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems Driving Vehicles On Highway

Autonomous systems differ from automatic ones in that they make rational decisions based on knowledge of the current situation. An autonomous system evaluates the courses of action that could be taken in light of current circumstances.

Challenges With Off-Road Autonomy

Kelpie Autonomous Ground Vehicle Duo Parked On Grass Using Off-Road Autonomy

AOS has been focusing on off-road autonomy for more than three years. We are developing a completely off-road autonomous vehicle, which is able to traverse and adjust to multiple surfaces and environments.

iWatchdog At Autonomous Warrior 2018

Navy Boat Driving Across Ocean Using iWatchdog

AOS deployed the intelligent Watchdog (iWatchdog) at Jervis Bay, tasking two vehicles, an autonomous Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat, or RHIB, and an autonomous, unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).