About Us

We are a state-of-the-art software and robotics company specialising in autonomous and intelligent systems.

AOS Mission

We help our research and industry partners to reach new frontiers through autonomous and intelligent software and robotics.

Our History

In 1997, Dr Andrew Lucas founded Agent Oriented Software in Melbourne, Australia.

Today, the AOS Group holds offices across the globe in Melbourne (Australia), Cambridge (United Kingdom), Trento (Italy), and Dallas (USA).

Each year, we continue to grow through our commitment to research, innovation, and collaboration.

Andrew Lucas from AOS standing between two Kelpie autonomous vehicles at ARRB event

Our Values

We pride ourselves on working closely with all of our research and industry partners to help them achieve their goals using autonomous and intelligent systems.

We operate in a rapidly evolving technological field. Our team actively contributes to the latest scientific research in artificial intelligence and autonomy. As such, we are constantly pushing the boundaries and creating new frontiers, while utilising the latest innovations in hardware and software when it comes to our own products and services.

We work closely and collaboratively with our research and industry partners to ensure that our solutions help them achieve their goals. Establishing long term relationships is key to how we work, and helps us to continuously deliver exceptional outcomes for all parties involved. 

Technology is incomplete without human understanding. This is why we build systems that help us to understand how and why autonomous agents make certain decisions. Having this understanding leads to continuous improvement in decision making logic, reductions in error, and ultimately, better outcomes.

Alongside our core technological products, we can also provide a full suite of support services. This includes licences, user discussion groups, training courses, product support, and consulting services. This gives our partners peace of mind that we are on hand to help, problem solve, and provide tech support, whenever they need us.

Our Team

Meet our growing team of world leading and multi-disciplinary experts. Connect with any of us via LinkedIn.

Dr Andrew Lucas

Dr Andrew Lucas

Managing Director

Andrew Lucas is the founder and Managing Director of Agent Oriented Software (AOS), established in Melbourne in 1997 as an offshoot from the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (affiliated with the AI Center at SRI International, Menlo Park, CA). AOS specialises in AI, and autonomous and robotic systems – working on autonomous systems with UK Ministry of Defence, RAAF, Australian Army, RAN, CASG, and DST Group.

AOS has developed its own technology base of AI software, focused on intelligent software agents, combining this with other AI technologies, including machine learning, machine vision, and constraint programming.

Andrew leads AOS’s development of autonomous vehicle technology, including teams of autonomous vehicles for the defence, agricultural, mining and construction industries. 

Andrew holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering from Cambridge University and a Bachelor of Engineering (1st Hons) from the University of Melbourne. Andrew is a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Remotely Piloted and Autonomous Aircraft Systems Specialist Group.

Michael Wake AOS Group staff member

Mike Wake

Principal Autonomy Engineer

Mike Wake is the Principal Autonomy Engineer at AOS and has an extensive background that includes flight simulation, mine automation, 3D visualisation and the development of resource management software for international airlines.

A deep thinker, Mike thrives on diagnosing complex issues. He leverages his considerable experience to bridge between development teams, subject matter experts and customers to deliver cost-effective, well-engineered solutions.

His leadership style fosters continuous improvement by enabling teams to seek, discover and exploit opportunities for increased productivity, quality and value.

Mike’s education includes a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) 1st class, University of Sydney (Australian Centre for Field Robotics).

James Cooper AOS Group staff member

James Cooper

Principal Software Engineer

James is the Principal Software Engineer at AOS, where he is responsible for the design and implementation of the core Belief, Desire and Intention agent framework that forms the backbone of AOS products. He has an extensive background in research, game AI and real-time computer graphics. James gets inspired by elegant solutions to hard problems and wishes to contribute to the era of true Ethical and Explainable AI.

Chung Leung AOS Group staff member

Chung Leung

Lead Robotics and Aerospace Engineer

Chung is a graduate of RMIT University where he earned a Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace), specialising in Uncrewed Aerial Systems. He has experience in the field of aviation, both commercial and defence, specifically in systems engineering, end-to-end product development and product safety. He currently leads the robotic team at AOS to develop innovative autonomous systems for applications in Defence, Agriculture and Mining.

Vik Grover AOS Group staff member

Vik Grover

lead Software Engineer

Vik is one of the lead software engineers at AOS and is currently working on an air defence project, utilising rational AI agents, which he believes will form the basis of the next generation of air defence. His responsibilities include engineering, project management, quality assurance and business development.
In addition to having developed solutions for embedded applications, aviation, cellular wireless communications and AI systems, Vik is passionate about machine learning and hopes to combine this with rational reasoning to form a ‘hybrid symbolic learning system’.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, Vik later pursued a Post Graduate diploma in VLSI Design.


We work with an extensive network of partners across the defence, agriculture, mining, and aerospace industries.

Research Partners

Our university research partnerships extend across some of the most prestigious institutions in Australia and beyond.

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