Read about some of the latest Australian tech news, updates, and articles relating to software, robotics, autonomous systems, and intelligent agents.


Explore the latest Australian tech news, updates, and articles relating to autonomy, robotics and intelligent agents.

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AOS at ARX 2023

ARX 2023 has lived up to its promise with many new and exciting technologies on display. Among these is the AOS Kelpie®, which provides advanced,

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Melbourne-based Agent Oriented Software’s AI technology forms a vital part of Northrop Grumman Australia’s submission to AIR6500. Their innovative software provides the intelligent decision-making support needed for NGA’s Joint Air Battle Management System.

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Avalon Air Show – 2023

The Avalon Airshow for 2023 was another great success with people coming from all around the world to see the latest in aerial innovation.

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Staff Developing Battlespace Aspect Design tool

Using Battlespace Aspect Design To Win

Intelligence preparation of the battlefield is an established process, and battlespace aspect design is a key tool for evaluating potential threats and then determining the optimal deployment of defensive systems.

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