Our iWatchdog™ software application enables a user to coordinate multiple autonomous systems (human-machine agent teaming) at the same time.
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Multi-Vehicle Tasking

With an increasing number of autonomous systems simultaneously in use and limited personnel, the human’s role must evolve from controlling each individual vehicle to supervising multiple vehicles. iWatchdog enables a user to coordinate multiple autonomous systems in order to achieve an overall goal as a team. As the goal is being performed, the user can continuously monitor the progress in iWatchdog and intervene when necessary.

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Building Human-AI Trust

Human-AI teaming performance is largely attributed to having an appropriate level of user trust, which can impact on the reliance and use of such systems. iWatchdog builds user trust through the explanation of its decisions and actions by providing sufficient information about system capabilities, situational awareness and decision trace.

Using the C-BDI framework, explainable BDI agents used in iWatchdog can explain their actions based on their goals (Desire) and beliefs in the form of a graphical plan (see image). During the run-time of the agent, the graphical plan is constructed to convey the following:

  • What is it parent goal?
  • What is it doing now to achieve the goal?
  • What are the enabling conditions for the action and parent goal?
Building Human-AI Trust


iWatchdog has been demonstrated to perform the following roles:

  • Airbase surveillance and intruder detection
  • Airbase logistics
  • Resilient mobile field communications
Site Surveillance Solution Drone Flying Over Field

Key Features

Vehicle Coordination

Can direct and manoeuvre autonomous vehicles including drones, cars and ships.

Situational Awareness

Provides rapid insight and greater command when managing agents and/or assets.


Enhance human-AI performance by communicating necessary information about AI system behaviour to gain trust.

Third-Party Integration

Open software design architecture allows for full third-party integration to enhance capabilities.

Greater Resource Efficiency

Automated system supports resources and reduces demand by enhancing efficiency.

AOS Kelpie® Integration

Fully integrated with the AOS Kelpie® system, allowing for enhanced vehicle support.

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