Intelligent Battle Advisor (IBA) is a decision support system that detects anomalies by using C-BDI agent technology. It analyses air, land, sea, cyber and ESM data and alerts monitoring systems and human operators to any unusual behaviour.

Autonomous Threat Tracking

IBA provides comprehensive intelligence assessments by analysing a number of real-time databases and information streams. Intelligent agents identify those that deviate from expected behaviour and have potential to become hostile.

Anomaly and threat detection applications and systems are made more powerful with our autonomous technology, performing surveillance tasks without user input and freeing up human operators for other tasks.

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Enabling Informed Decision Making

Managing aerospace systems for potential threats can require time-critical responses and IBA intelligent agents can provide the relevant information to support command centres to make those decisions with real-time data. 

Specifically, IBA is designed to identify and validate targets of interest, especially during hi-tempo operations where it can reduce response times. 

IBA allows human operators to focus on outliers without needing to constantly switch their attention between general scans and resolving unexplained data tracks.

Radar Dish Capturing Data For Threat Detection Artificial Intelligence Software

Key Features

IBA is our anomaly and threat detection software platform, built using AOS’s AI technology and utilises C-BDI (a C++ based intelligent agents framework) that is based upon the theory of Beliefs, Desires and Intentions.

Dynamic Agent Behaviour

Ability to modify alert conditions in real-time based on threat level and day-to-day intelligence. Agent reasoning is configurable to accommodate operator requirements based on topology and risk.

Enhanced Monitoring

Supports human operators, monitoring large data tracks with due regard to environmental factors and flagging potential threats.

Faster Response Time

AI-based threat detection allows for faster tracking and informed decision making.


Another feature that is underpinned by C-BDI. Threats and anomalies that can be explained and understood by operators, promotes trust in IBA agent reasoning systems.

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