Hercules is a mesh-radio network that enhances situational awareness for dispersed forces and facilitates seamless coordination. It is platform independent and provides sovereign capability for Australian forces.
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The Hercules mesh-radio resilience system was developed for the Australian Army, helping to enhance situational awareness for dispersed forces on the ground.

Utilising several AOS Group products, including Kelpie®, iWatchdog and C-BDI, Hercules is able to monitor large expanses of land to detect threats and allow for greater coordination between patrol units and autonomous technology.

Hercules Mesh Radio Network


Hercules combines a number of technologies to build its mesh radio network, helping units to fully understand each situation they find themselves in on the ground. These include MANET Links, UAV/Ground UHF Links, iWatchdog HF Links, and RF Spectrum Monitoring.

Hercules is capable of detecting threats by monitoring this mesh network and autonomously investigating them by sending out Kelpie® units or additonal UAV technology. This protects human resources and enables greater situational awareness and management in the field.
Kelpie Vehicle With Hercules Mesh Radio Network Sensor Equipment

Key Features

Our Hercules system expands the capability of ground forces and protects them by identifying threats and sending out autonomous vehicles and UAVs to engage them.

It monitors a number of different channels and frequencies to create a clearer picture for army patrols, without the need for additional human resources in the field.

Resilient Mesh Radio Network

Monitors multiple channels to create a clear picture of large land areas.

Autonomous Response

Capable of autonomously deploying Kelpie® units and other unmanned technology.

Protecting Patrols

Hercules protects field units by providing more data for situation assessments.

Platform Independent

Open software design that can run on a variety of hardware platforms or software architectures.

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