Robotics and Human-Machine Teams

Browse our current range of robotics and human-machine teaming technology, all developed in-house by AOS Group.


Kelpie logo
Kelpie® is an advanced, autonomous, navigation system that can operate on any vehicle platform. It is designed to work in difficult environments and cover multiple mission roles. The current generation is an electrically powered off-road vehicle focused on providing support for multiple defence and civilian operations.


iWatchdog Logo
iWatchdog is capable of autonomously monitoring a variety of sensors including radar for intrusion detection. This artificial intelligence software application can select appropriate response vehicles to investigate (drones, vehicles, or vessels), track and relay real-time video footage back to human supervisors at command posts.


Intelligent Battle Advisor (IBA) analyses vast amounts of air, land, sea, space, cyber and ESM data, alerting operations of any unusual behaviour. It autonomously conducts a comprehensive intelligence assessment of every track against a number of real-time databases and online information streams, identifying those that deviate from expected behaviour and have potential to become hostile.


Hercules mesh radio resilience system logo
Hercules is a mesh-radio resilience network that enhances situational awareness for dispersed forces and facilitates seamless coordination. It is platform independent and provides sovereign capability for Australian forces.

Hercules (EW)

Hercules EW Logo
Hercules EW combines EW and mesh resilience to provide spectrum monitoring for channel assurance and allocation, as well as network awareness. It offers low-cost distributed EW capability.


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iOPFOR (Intelligent Opposing Forces) is a next generation technology that transforms targets into reactive opponent forces. The system detects trainee positions and enables targets to attack and counterattack. It equips trainees to fight under the real-life stresses of battle.

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