Protect your produce and increase productivity with AOS-designed agriculture products, utilising smart farming technology in a number of areas including deliveries, pest prevention and security.

Smart Farming

Save time by utilising autonomous vehicles and drones integrated with AOS’s smart agriculture technology, allowing you to focus on your farm, vineyard or garden.

From patrolling your farm to pesticide application to intruder prevention, we can build the right product to suit your needs in order to keep your produce and assets safe.

Our autonomous agents are capable of detecting, tracking and investigating potential issues around your site. Smart farming technology including drones, vehicles and bird-scaring devices can all be activated remotely without human input, saving your human resources for the hands-on tasks.

Smart Farming Kelpie Autonomous Ground Vehicle Agriculture Sprayer Travelling Across Field

Agriculture Products

Existing AOS products like iWatchdog and Kelpie® make maintaining your farm easier, but we can also develop unique products tailored to your business needs.

Our intelligent agents can be integrated into many different existing systems to help you manage pest control, security and more.

For sites big and small, we can work with you to find the smart farming solution that helps your business grow and continue to thrive.

To learn more about our smart farming solutions, check out our products pages or get in contact with us today.

Kelpie® is an advanced, autonomous, navigation system that can operate on any vehicle platform, designed to work in difficult environments.
iWatchdog is capable of autonomously monitoring a variety of sensors including radar for intrusion detection and response coordination.

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