Increase mine productivity with smart security solutions designed by the AOS Group, utilising intelligent agents to ensure that sites stay safe and secure.

Autonomy and Intelligent Agents In Mining

Autonomy and intelligent agents help mines operate with increased efficiency, actively managing various tasks around worksites and allowing human resources to be deployed in more effective areas.

From patrolling large sites with drone cameras to delivering tools and resources with autonomous vehicles, these technologies can be setup to perform previously human-led tasks, with AOS mining technology also enabling autonomous operation.

Our autonomous agents are fully capable of managing issues around your site, able to deploy autonomous vehicles, avoid hazards and investigate potential security intrusions without the need for active human management or intervention. These can be combined with remote control solutions for both active and passive product operation.

Drone Using Remote Control Technologies Flying In Sky

Mining Products

From autonomous vehicles making deliveries around your mining site to security systems keeping it safe and secure, AOS has the autonomous solution to suit your needs.

Whether it’s iWatchdog detecting potential intrusions around your site or Kelpie® investigating them, our autonomous products are built to help your worksite operate safer and smarter.

We can work with you to find the technology that helps your mine thrive. We can also integrate intelligent agents into existing systems to help them operate with increased efficiency.

To learn more about these technologies and security solutions, check out our products pages or contact us today.

Kelpie® is an advanced, autonomous, navigation system that can operate on any vehicle platform, designed to work in difficult environments.
iWatchdog is capable of autonomously monitoring a variety of sensors including radar for intrusion detection and response coordination.

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