AOS Group has a long history of partnering with defence organisations both at home and abroad, building systems with autonomous defence technology that supports airspace, land borders and defence personnel on the ground.


From autonomous ground vehicle patrols to military base surveillance, we create products with autonomous defence technology that protect army personnel and manage potential threats before they become serious.

Our intelligent agent software has also been utilised in a number of different military training simulators, helping to create better prepared personnel.

Armed Soldier Patrolling Forest Area Outside Defence Base


Ocean monitoring and navigation are made easier with AOS solutions, with our autonomous software allowing for increased efficiency and decreased reliance on human resources.

Naval defence operations are also able to be fully simulated using our TacSim system, re-creating the physical capabilities of vessels, their sensors and weapons, and their operational tactics.

Navy Ships Using Autonomous Defence Technology Patrolling Ocean

Air Force

Critical systems like aerospace defence and monitoring have long used systems with autonomous defence technology and AOS Group has helped develop a number of solutions currently used by nations and military forces across the globe.

Fighter Jet Using Autonomous Defence Technology Flying Over Desert

Defence Products

AOS has developed a number of autonomous ground vehicles and training systems for military personnel, utilising our experience in artificial intelligence and autonomous design to deliver important defence solutions.

Kelpie® is an advanced, autonomous, navigation system that can operate on any vehicle platform, designed to work in difficult environments.
iWatchdog is capable of autonomously monitoring a variety of sensors including radar for intrusion detection and response coordination.
Intelligent Battle Advisor (IBA) analyses vast amounts of air, land, sea, space, cyber and ESM data, alerting operations of any unusual behaviour.
Hercules is a mesh-radio resilience network that enhances situational awareness for dispersed forces and facilitates seamless coordination.
Hercules EW combines EW and mesh resilience to provide spectrum monitoring for channel assurance and allocation, as well as network awareness.

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