AOS Group offers careers in robotics engineering and artificial intelligence, developing leading-edge solutions for defence, agriculture, mining and aerospace industries.

Why Work With Us?

The AOS Group provides an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of AI and robotics engineering in Australia and to compete directly with international companies around the world. Join an elite team focusing on the next generation of joint, cognitive, human-machine teams and autonomous systems.

Starting your career with AOS Group will give you the chance to assist in the development of cutting edge autonomous technology for a wide variety of different industries.

Two AOS staff working on a Kelpie autonomous vehicle

What Do We Do?

AOS is an Australian-owned artificial intelligence and robotics company that specialises in developing autonomous systems for defence, agriculture and mining.

This includes artificial intelligence software for air and missile defence together with intelligent, autonomous systems for controlling ground vehicles focused on weed control, security patrols and autonomous deliveries.

AOS Staff attending a conference demonstrating robotics engineering technology


AOS is always on the look out for aspiring and experienced engineers. If you have an affinity for artificial intelligence, robotics engineering or agent-based software you may have just found the doorway to your dream job.

Careers in robotics engineering and AI with AOS allow for the opportunity to work at the very edge of technology and make a real contribution to the defence, agriculture and mining industries.

Fill out the form and tell us about yourself, what you have done and what you would like to do. We look forward to hearing from you – undergraduates are welcome to apply.

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Get in contact with us to discuss how our autonomous software and intelligent agents can be used to help your organisation.