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Intelligent Agents Tracking Data Visualisation

Developing A Person-Following Mobile Robot Using Prometheus And JACK®

The development of a mobile person-following robot is an interesting application area that combines multiple autonomous agents that need to be goal-directed without losing the ability to react to the target’s movements. This capability is particularly challenging for robotic systems, and so requires careful design to obtain an effective decomposition of functions into agents.

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Intelligent Agents Network Graphic

Agent Technology

AOS supplies agent technology for building and integrating commercial-grade multi-agent systems, built on a sound logical foundation.

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Autonomous Systems Driving Vehicles On Highway

Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems differ from automatic ones in that they make rational decisions based on knowledge of the current situation. An autonomous system evaluates the courses of action that could be taken in light of current circumstances.

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Published Papers

Our team has successfully published several industry, scholarly, and conference papers, showcasing our research into autonomy and robotics in Australia. Click to download PDF versions.

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