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Our current range of software agent platforms developed by AOS Group.


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C-BDIis the latest generation of Agent Platform being developed by AOS and underpins our full suite of products and services. Based on the Belief, Desire, Intention model for building intelligent rational agents our technology aims to address key problems facing autonomous systems, namely:

  • How do we create effective Human Machine Teams?
  • How do we create Ethical and Explainable AI?
  • How do we support Resilient Teaming in disruptive environments?



JACK® is a cross-platform environment for building, running and integrating commercial-grade multi-agent systems. It is built on a sound logical foundation: BDI (Beliefs / Desires / Intentions). BDI is an intuitive and powerful abstraction that allows developers to manage the complexity of the problem. In JACK®, agents are defined in terms of their beliefs (what they know and what they know how to do), their desires (what goals they would like to achieve), and their intentions (the goals they are currently committed to achieving).


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CoJACK allows the modelling of irrational agents, which mimic human emotions and behaviours (e.g., fatigue and fear) within our JACK® agent platform. Modelling emotions can help take training simulations to a new level of realism. CoJACK provides tools that can graphically monitor the effects of emotions on the agent reasoning.

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