Kelpie® is an advanced, autonomous, navigation system that can operate on any vehicle platform. Our current generation Kelpie® is an autonomous ground vehicle designed to work in difficult environments and cover multiple mission roles.
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Providing Support

The current generation of Kelpie® is an electric powered, off-road, autonomous ground vehicle, fully capable of providing support in a multitude of defence and civilian applications. 

From autonomously dropping off parts to crews around a large military base to delivering supplies across off-road terrain in farm settings, the Kelpie® can greatly improve productivity while operating in a safe, autonomous manner.

Three Kelpies parked on grass

Patrolling Your Perimeter

A Kelpie® installation can provide civilian and military sites with 24/7 surveillance of their perimeters, able to patrol across large distances, track targets, and give control centres direct vision of operations to assist in decision making. 

Fully electric, quiet and efficient, this autonomous ground vehicle can help users save on resource-intensive monitoring and be used to investigate potential security breaches without any physical engagement from human operators.

Kelpie patrolling perimeter through radar sensors

AG Kelpie® - Autonomous Targeted Weed Spraying

The Kelpie® autonomous vehicle platform further demonstrates its versatility by being fitted with a weed spraying system – becoming the AG-Kelpie®

In addition to the vehicle self-navigating, the sprayer will utilise a neural network to help it identify invasive weeds for targetted treatment.

Key Features

Kelpie® is an advanced, autonomous, navigation system than can operate on a variety of vehicle platforms including buggies, cars, and vessels. 

From delivering parts on large bases to patrolling construction sites, the Kelpie® can be utilised in a number of different industries to make life easier for on-site personnel.

Vehicle Self-Navigation

Fully capable of self-navigating to multiple set-waypoint goals.

Intelligent Target Tracking

Tracks targets discreetly with quiet operation and integrated sensors and cameras.

AOS iWatchdog Integration

Coordinated by iWatchdog to achieve user goals.

Advanced Collision Detection

Actively identifies, tracks and avoids potential obstacles and hazards.

Flexible Payload Capacity

Adjustable capacity allows for autonomous delivery of tools, materials, cargo etc.

Fully-Electric Vehicle

Electric-powered for low emissions and quiet operation around secured sites.

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