CoJACK is cognitive architecture used for modelling the variation in human behaviour. It is used in simulation systems to underpin virtual actors.
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Creating Realistic virtual actors

CoJACK models the structural properties of the human cognitive system. As such, it constrains the models that can be implemented therein by only allowing the definition of models that fit within its structural boundaries.

This provides a significant advantage over ad-hoc approaches to modelling human behaviour: as a theory of cognition, CoJACK provides a principled and testable framework for implementing realistic virtual actors.

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Developing enhanced simulations

When utilised in simulations, CoJACK mimics human emotions and behaviours, taking training systems to a new level of realism.

Developed to simulate armed engagements with hostile forces, CoJACK can model dynamic individual and team behaviours to re-create a variety of potential scenarios.

SWAT Hostage Simulation

Key Features

CoJACK enables repeatable and testable frameworks for realistic training sessions.

Modelling human behaviour, CoJACK allows for more dynamic simulations that are more effective for trainees and more informative for those instructing them.

Realistic Simulated Behaviour

Accurately models human emotions and behaviour for more realistic simulations.

Dynamic Behaviour

Simulated behaviour can be adjusted to fit experience level, skills, emotions etc.

Enhanced Training

Trainees who utilise CoJACK-based simulations will be better prepared for real-world scenarios.

Scenario Testing

Repeatable simulations creates more engaging simulations for trainees and instructors.

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