iOPFOR (Intelligent Opposing Forces) is a next generation technology that transforms targets into reactive opponent forces. The system detects trainee positions and enables targets to attack and counterattack.
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Next-Gen training technology

iOPFOR creates realistic virtual actors to better simulate training scenarios for armed forces.

Utilising CoJACK intelligence, iOPFOR recreates scenarios to test trainees with virtual intelligence that behaves and reacts like human beings.

SWAT team getting ready to breach door

Virtual opfor teams

iOPFOR better equips trainees to perform during the stresses of battle, able to model the behaviours of well-trained opposing forces (OPFOR), inexperienced recruits or hostile independent actors.
Army sniper and spotter

Key Features

Training sessions are more effective with iOPFOR, enhancing the benefits of each simulation for both trainees and those instructing them throughout.

Powered by AOS technology, the iOPFOR system is capable of detecting trainee positions, triggering environmental effects and mimicking the behaviours of human actors in a variety of simulated scenarios.

Enhanced Training

Enabling realistic training scenarios with realistically simulated human behaviour.

Simulated Human Behaviour

Experience level, morale, emotions and fatigue can all be simulated with iOPFOR.

Dynamic Simulations

Training sessions can be adjusted with several variables, creating dynamic scenarios.

Range Integration

iOPFOR is compatible with a number of existing firing range management systems.

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