Hercules (EW)

Hercules EW combines electronic warfare (EW) and mesh resilience to provide spectrum monitoring for channel assurance and allocation, as well as network awareness. It offers low-cost distributed EW capability.
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electronic warfare capabilities

The Hercules EW system adds electonic warfare (EW) capabilities to our existing Hercules product, allowing for enhanced threat detection and engagement options.

Hercules EW protects ground units by monitoring large land areas across its resilient mesh radio network and can autonomously track and engage with any potentially hostile threat.

Hercules EW system data example using electronic warfare tactics to combat hostile patrol

an efficient ew solution

Traditionally, EW systems have been a high-cost solution for threat detection and management. But our Hercules EW is a game-changer, creating a low-cost solution capable of being deployed with any unit.

As a platform independent technology, the Hercules EW can be deployed on any device or vehicle (including our Kelpie®) to increase network coverage and the ability of armed forces to patrol large areas.

Hercules EW Kelpie vehicles parked in field

key features

Hercules EW protects human operators by enhancing situational awareness and engaging autonomously with potential threats.

Once identified, Hercules EW can be used by command to create decoy actions, disrupt hostile activity and triangulate their positions.

Electronic Warfare Capability

Hercules EW provides a low-cost EW solution that can be implemented on nearly any device.

Autonomous Response

Can detect threats and respond autonomously to potentially hostile action.

Situational Awareness

Provides units in the field and control centres with rapid insight into potential hostile actors.

AOS Kelpie® Integration

Can be fully integrated with our Kelpie® solution for autonomous ground vehicle support.

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