TacSim is an Australian-developed tactical simulation system for modelling naval technology and undersea warfare, combining a full submarine simulator with integrated operational tactics.
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Modelling Undersea Warfare Scenarios

The development of TacSim between AOS and DST Group has led to a unique capability for analysis of submarine capability, or of undersea warfare and naval technology more generally.

This includes the interaction between the physical capabilities of the vessels, their sensors and weapons, and the operational tactics employed by both friendly and opposition forces.

The TacSim submarine simulator system is also capable of integrating integrations with additional maritime actors, aircraft and naval subsystems.

TacSim Submarine Simulator Data Example

Open Design Architecture

Due to its distributed, open, agent-based architecture, TacSim allows for the inclusion of various submarine kinematic and dynamic models, and sensor and weapons models. It has the potential to expand its scope with a library of models to represent physical maritime
platforms, and related naval technology.

This includes submarines, ships, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, and detailed modelling of passive and active sonar and other systems.

Navy Ships Using Autonomous Defence Technology Patrolling Ocean

Key Features

TacSim has been used to evaluate a wide range of underwater warfare scenarios and engagements and is continuing to be used by the Australian Navy as a submarine simulator and for further naval technology studies.

Submarine Engagement Sim

Underwater warfare simulator with ability to dynamically model combat scenarios.

Scenario Testing

Able to control and adjust random conditions of intitial scenario for greater testing capabilities.

Further Integrations

Capable of further integrations with additional maritime actors, aircraft and naval subsystems.

Discrete Event Simulations

Utilises an advanced discrete event simulation engine developed by the US Navy.

Supported By AUS Defence

A joint R&D program between AOS and Defense Science and Technology Group (DSTG)

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