Artificial Intelligence in Air and Missile Defence

With the rapid emergence of new missile systems, the complexity of threats is ever increasing. Until now, there has been little in the way of support tools for the ASOPs and ABMs, who work in this high-stress environment.

Agent Oriented Software (AOS), an Australian AI company, has completed a proof-of-concept for the Intelligent Battlespace Advisor (IBA), as an AI-based decision aid. It is comprised of two modules: the Surveillance Advisor for the ASPOs and the Response Advisor supporting the ABM team.

IBA can analyse vast amounts of air, land, sea, space, cyber and ESM data, then alert operators of any unusual behaviour. Sponsored by Air Force Headquarters and the Defence Innovation Hub, IBA has the potential to provide the Joint Air Battle Management System (JABMS) with a new generation of decision-making support.

The IBA Surveillance Advisor autonomously conducts a comprehensive intelligence assessment of every track against a number of real-time databases and online information streams. Through this interrogation, IBA is able to identify tracks that are deviating from expected behaviour and have the potential to become hostile.

IBA Threat Detection Artificial Intelligence Software Data Example
IBA air and missile defence technology allocates one intelligent agent to monitor each track and draws the Surveillance Operator’s attention to any unexplained behaviour.

This allows ASOPs to focus on the ‘outliers’, without needing to constantly switch their attention between general ‘scans’ and resolving unexplained tracks.

Along with emulating some of the skills of an experienced surveillance operator, the IBA Surveillance Advisor provides an overlay of certainty that all available information is being applied to the mission in real time.

Future plans for IBA include an enhanced version of the Surveillance Advisor and the development of the Response Advisor.

The planned IBA Response Advisor will assist ABMs manage aircraft on Combat Air Patrol (CAP). When intruders are detected, the Response Advisor will support ABMs in assessing the tactical situation, suggest the intruders’ potential intentions and assist ABMs select a feasible combined response. The process will take into account available resources, standard operating procedures and hard/soft constraints.

IBA Air and Missile Defence Software Architecture
Multi-agent architecture underlying the IBA Response Advisor.
Intelligent Battlespace Advisor is based upon AOS’s AI technology and utilises C-BDI (a C++ based agent framework) that is based upon the theory of Beliefs, Desires and Intentions. AOS has been one of the principal developers of intelligent software agent technology over the past 20 years.

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